2020 Achievements, 2021 Resolutions

IT’S A NEW YEAR! We’re so excited for what this year will bring, particularly when we look back at everything we achieved in 2020. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to give our wonderful patients an update on the goals our team members have made for the new year, as well as their accomplishments from the last!


How Far We Came In 2020

“2020 was the year we all learned to slow down and appreciate the important things in life. Although many plans had to be altered, a few key goals of mine were achieved due to perseverance and having a strong support system on which I can rely. Here’s hoping 2021 brings back some normalcy, like travelling, concerts, and larger more comfortable get-togethers with our loved ones, of course, once it is safe to do so.” (Dr. Haji, Dentist)


Our Roadmap For 2021

Maria’s 2021 resolutions are:

1. “To get more quality sleep and put away the technology before bed and instead read or meditate.

2. Get in shape; it’s super important to have a strong core in the field I am in as a dental hygienist constantly contouring our bodies (especially after indulging in goodies over the holidays getting back into shape is definitely needed haha).  I have recently been enjoying daily yoga/pilates & long winter walks through my local neighbourhood hiking trails!

3. Learn to be happier and more grateful, especially after the 2020 year we had.  I most recently purchased a book at Indigo called “The 5-minute Journal” and it has had me document and acknowledge the daily things I am grateful for as big or as small as they are.  I’m really enjoying adding it into my daily morning routine whilst enjoying my coffee.” (Maria, Hygienist)


Check Out This Video For Tips On Keeping Your Resolutions:


What Are Your Goals This Year?

Now that we’ve told you about our goals for the new year, we want to hear about yours! Share your New Year’s resolutions on our Facebook or Instagram, and we look forward to seeing you this year!

Let’s all support each other in making our resolutions a reality!


Waterview Dental writes up their New Year resolutions


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