A dentist explaining an x-ray to a patient

No, we’re not superheroes, but we do have all the state-of-the-art equipment we need to take x-rays, also known as dental radiographs, and digital photographs of your teeth and gums!

You’ll receive a comprehensive examination on your first visit, including having x-rays taken. This will allow the dentist to do a thorough tooth-by-tooth evaluation, uncovering any problems not seen by the naked eye – such as cavities or bone loss.

Taking x-rays is a critical part of your dental prevention plan – allowing us to catch small problems before they become big ones.

At Waterview Dental, our focus is completely on YOU – the patient – and that’s why we use digital x-rays, which emit less radiation than traditional methods.

You’re safe in our hands!

Digital X-Ray

Taking a digital x-ray is a critical part of your dental health plan and allows your dentist to thoroughly evaluate your teeth, uncovering problems not seen by the naked eye.

Digital x-rays expose a patient to less radiation than other types of dental x-rays, reducing radiation exposure by 80%. Digital x-rays do not use film or processing chemicals and provide the dentist a clear image almost immediately. While the quality of the x-ray image is not any better than that of a film image, many dental practices are switching over to this technology in an effort to decrease radiation exposure.

Benefits of a digital x-ray include:

  • The results are available within seconds
  • Electronic storage and simple digital transfer to you or a specialist clinic
  • Image enhancement to strengthen diagnosis

See what the Canadian Dental Association says on x-rays here.

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